Mindset Advantage measures
9 aspects of individual growth mindset.

The reports highlights development areas and provides  a client with interview questions to explore key areas.

ecap is the only accredited partner of Matthew Syed Consulting for Mindset Advantage across the Middle East.

Using Mindset Advantage, we work with our clients to improve business performance by measuring organizational growth mindset and identifying barriers to growth and continuous improvement.

Mindset Advantage is the only psychometric tool available today that is designed specifically to measure and build a growth mindset at an individual, team and organizational level.

People’s mindsets manifest as a set of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that greatly influence the performance of individuals and the organizations they are part of.

Drive higher performance with the
Mindset Advantage Assessment

The Mindset Advantage diagnostic measures 9 aspects of individual growth mindset and 6 aspects of organisational culture that support
growth and learning.

The diagnostic takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete and is compatible with laptops, tablets and mobiles.

The reports provide rich data
and actionable feedback for:


  • The report can be interpreted self-sufficiently by individuals, helps to increase self-awareness, and provides practical development tips.


  • Individual results are combined to identify team strengths and development areas.
Organizational Culture::

  • Individuals are asked to provide feedback on the aspects of the organization’s culture that can either enable or hinder growth and learning. Results help to pinpoint aspects of culture that may need to change.

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