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The engagement and capability of your people determine the success of your business. 

The biggest differentiator between success and failure is knowing how your people think, feel and make decisions. At ecap, we have extensive experience in developing employee assessment programs and talent assessment solutions. 

We equip business leaders with effective employee management tools, providing valuable insight into beliefs, attitudes, emotional intelligence (EQ), motivations and behaviour.

Our employee and candidate talent assessment tools are BPS (British Psychological Society) and APS (American Psychological Society) accredited products. 

Our employee talent assessment program can be used to assess individuals joining an organisation (including executive onboarding and mobilisation programs) as well as existing leaders to identify, analyse and maximise opportunities for development on both a personal and company-wide level.

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Our Talent Assessment Tools

Our global network of Coaches, Assessors and Psychologists offer market-leading employee performance assessments and effective talent assessment solutions through our bespoke talent assessment program.

We work with progressive organisations to develop comprehensive employee talent assessment and performance assessment programs.

Using effective employee management tools, supported by the latest industry-leading digital technology, we guarantee an accurate assessment of leadership potential and employee performance within your organisation for rapid growth in all areas of your business.

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Our online performance management system, proprietary talent dashboard (developed in conjunction with Microstrategy) and leadership talent assessment products and services support our clients in the following areas;

Recruitment &

Lower turnover and maximise resources, keep your people.

Succession Management
& Planning

Avoid skills shortages by identifying future leadership potential and business-critical positions now.

Engage & Morale

Drive a high-performance team and increase productivity.

Leadership Profiling

Identify and strengthen gaps in your talent pool, source key players with intention and insight to maximise output. 

Outplacement Service
& Nationalization

Demonstrate a reputable commitment to past and present employee satisfaction, by supporting your outgoing staff. Build trust, maintain productivity and minimise disruption.

Employment & Leadership
Development Program

Invest in internal growth and equip high-potential employees to take on senior positions in the near term using comprehensive, tailored development programs.

Employee Performance
Management Tools

Promote a growth mindset within your organisation and plan performance to efficiently track, assess, reward, and tailor employee performance.

Wellness & Wellbeing

Embed wellbeing in your long-term strategic planning for long-term sustained benefits and substantial cost-saving.

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