“Spurred by growth, a rapidly evolving environment and the ever-powerful influence of technology, the major global economies are experiencing unprecedented volatility. The demand for leaders who can skillfully navigate the equally broad spectrum of opportunities and challenges, whether economic, environmental, digital or even governance-related, has never been more crucial.

In order to assist our clients in attracting and assembling the most suitable leadership teams, I am delighted to provide a human touch and guided approach to help them achieve their strategic objectives and unlock their organisation’s potential, both now and in the future.”

Nick Harvey

Managing Partner

Nicholas began his career in 1996 and henceforth has accumulated over 19 years within Executive
Search and Recruitment. He has covered the full gamut of Recruitment services; working on the client
side as a Director of Talent, in a UK contingent firm, ran his own RPO (Recruitment Process
Outsourcing) company from India and has spent 15 years as a Partner for two global Executive
Search firms.

His career has spanned four continents and includes employment in Sydney, Tokyo, San Francisco,
London, Pune (India) and for the past 17 years, in Dubai. During his time in the Middle East his
primary area of business focus has been in the GCC but he has however, successfully conducted
business in the Levant, North Africa, Pakistan and Iraq.

Nicholas prides himself on his ability to understand and collate his clients’ needs, their culture and
business strategy coupled with an aptitude to attract and deliver the right Executives that will have the
desired long-lasting impact.

He has been able to build long-lasting relationships through his open and honest informed approach,
never over-promising on what can be delivered. Covering the Middle East & Africa region for ecap,
Nicholas’s focus is on placing C-Suite and Board Transport (Aviation & Shipping), Transport
Infrastructure, Tourism and Media organisations. Nicholas holds a Bachelors in Economics from
Newcastle University, UK