Board advisory

With an extensive multi-sector track record we have an extensive network of global Advisors and Non Executives.

Appointing diverse board members is not just a matter of representation, but a strategic imperative that brings fresh perspective, fosters innovation and drives sustainable success.


Shareholder and societal scrutiny are significant factors across all industries globally. The constant requirements to innovate and evolve within a controlled and stewarded environment are where all executives are seeking guidance from the influence of a well constructed and diverse board. 

ecap have worked on Advisor, Non Executive and Main Board appointments in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our work has enabled clients to stay ahead of the competitor landscape on new product innovation, future digital technology trends, ecosystem development, governance, controls, financial milestones (Fundraising, listing etc..)  and strategic initiatives.

Our Board appointments practice has 3 core areas of focus;

Board & Company Formation

Cost-effective, strategic partnerships and non executive/Advisory board appointments to support businesses entering new markets, seeking growth guidance, and/or needing strategic, controls related or operational support. We connect businesses with the right individuals to navigate successful strategic execution.

Non-Executive Hiring

Targeting, vetting and allocating the most proficient and relevant non-executives, providing industry and functional expertise or business support to help create impartiality, structure, governance and market or sector related insight.

Board Assessment

Market-leading software used to fully assess individuals and boards. Our process is typically used to address communication barriers and provide practical and tactical feedback on board dynamics, individual engagement and strategic value.

Client Testimonial: The Nodes Journey with ecap

In 2019, ecap were appointed to build an Advisory Board for a fast-growing international digital transformation company.

The advisors that were appointed had oversight of Technology platforms for businesses with a combined value of USD $380 billion.

We appointed a diverse board of 7 nationalities with over 170 years of industry and technical experience. The Advisors helped drive double digit organic growth in new markets 

If you wish to find out more on how we are currently supporting our clients that vary from Listed entities, Not for profit, Healthcare, Education etc.. 

Then apply for a free ecap board assessment from one of our Industry specialists. 

Our board assessment process and report includes;


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