Professional Development & Assessment

ecap Professional Development and Assessment Services offer a comprehensive suite of tools and initiatives aimed at empowering both individuals and organizations to cultivate and assess their professional competencies, expertise, and potential. Our service portfolio encompasses Executive Coaching, Assessment Services, and the promotion of a Growth Mindset Culture.

Executive coaching

We empower C-Level executives to unlock their full potential through a tailored approach. Our mission is to support them in elevating their leadership capabilities, fostering behaviors that directly enhance organizational culture, and driving positive business outcomes.

Our coaching methodology is comprehensive, encompassing a range of tools and techniques. Our process is thorough and includes coaching and mentoring sessions, utilization of assessment psychometric tools, debriefing on assessment reports, participation in a coaching development program, access to learning materials, midpoint progress checks, ongoing monitoring, and evaluation of coaching program effectiveness. We also provide detailed reports on improvements in behavior.

In addition to executive coaching, we offer leadership coaching for senior leaders, emerging talents, and new managers. We guide senior leaders in developing the essential skills, behaviors, and mindsets required to make a significant impact within their organization’s leadership landscape.

All our coaching programs are fully customizable to meet specific needs and objectives

Assessment Services

We offer a variety of services designed to assess and oversee senior professionals and C-Suite executives. Our array of offerings includes the use of assessment tools, assessment centres, and career risk analysis.

At ecap, we have a proven track record of successfully partnering with private equity firms and portfolio companies to identify and place top-tier executives who drive growth, maximize value, and achieve remarkable outcomes. Our extensive experience in the private equity sector has allowed us to build a strong reputation for excellence in executive search. Here is an overview of our track record, showcasing the types of roles we have placed and the companies and situations we have worked with.

  1. Discovery Process 
The Discovery Process stands out as a unique and scientifically founded methodology based on Axiology, the study of values. 
In employing this approach, we evaluate your emotional intelligence, harmonizing it with your values and behaviours. 
Our diverse capabilities encompass:

  • Assessing the emotional pulse of employees, teams, or the entire organization,
  • Analyzing the emotional well-being of personnel,
  • Determining potential for specialized, project, or program roles,
  • Identifying trends in employee motivation,
  • Gaining insight into individuals’ aspirations for the future,
  • Enhancing capabilities,
  • Pinpointing individuals suitable for succession planning.

Through these multifaceted processes, we provide a comprehensive understanding to guide and optimize various aspects of personal and organizational development.
  1. Growth Mindset Advantage 

The Growth Mindset Advantage diagnostic assesses nine facets of an individual’s growth mindset and six dimensions of organizational culture that foster growth and learning. This diagnostic can be completed in just 15-20 minutes and is accessible on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The resulting reports offer valuable data and practical feedback for individuals, teams, and organizations.

  1. 360 Leadership Assessment Interviews

We conduct interviews with line managers, peers, subordinates, and external stakeholders to gather valuable insights into the leadership capabilities of participants. This methodology is particularly potent for C-Level and senior executives, offering more in-depth and comprehensive insights compared to a survey-based approach such as a 360 assessment conducted online.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive assessment center solution that facilitates the identification, appraisal, and enhancement of their senior professionals and C-suite executives.

We adhere to international best practices to guarantee the delivery of a robust and impactful assessment process. The ecap Assessment Process encompasses tailored assessment center design, interviews, case studies, role plays, exercises, assessment tools, leadership evaluations, and feedback.

Furthermore, our assessment procedures can be conducted in a virtual, physical, or hybrid manner, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Our Career Risk Analysis Report identifies the ideal candidate for a given position by meticulously analysing vital data provided by our clients.

Growth Mindset Culture

We facilitate paradigm shifts and lead cultural transformations. Our model is certified by the Team Coaching Global association, and its objective is to assess and elevate the mindsets and capabilities of leaders, teams, and organizations, empowering them to harness their full potential and optimize their performance in dynamic and uncertain environment. Our Growth Mindset Culture Model consists of seven adaptable phases, utilizing a range of techniques and tools such as Assessment Tools, Workshops, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching and Mentoring, as well as Group Coaching

The Report

The Discovery Process® is a three-part report, designed to give insight into a person from three separate but intrinsically linked areas.

We use analytics from our own data sets, data that can be trusted and provide us with mean scores for different regions, functions and countries..

Words from our clients

At ecap we are proud that we have formed lasting partnerships with hundreds of clients, executives, board members and businesses. 

We remain vested in their continued success. 

Company: TPG
Industry: Private Equity

The ecap coaching program taught me the essential principles of leadership behavior and
presentation. It's also been a valuable resource in handling the challenges of our diverse business,
working with people from various locations. I'm grateful to my coach, Maria, for her excellent
guidance in helping me become better.

Company: DU
Industry: Telecommunication

My experience with the ecap coaching program, with Maria as my coach, has been truly
transformative. The insights and guidance I received have not only been beneficial for my
professional growth but have also enriched my personal life. Maria, along with the entire ecap team,
has been incredibly supportive in ensuring I reach my goals and feel at ease throughout the coaching
Maria's extensive corporate experience, coupled with her coaching expertise, brought immense
value to our discussions. She exhibited flexibility in tailoring the sessions to suit both the timing and
content requirements. Maria demonstrated a clear understanding of my objectives, both in the
coaching sessions and within my professional career.

Company: Etihad
Industry: Aviation

My coaching experience with Maria through ecap has greatly heightened my self-awareness,
particularly in identifying areas for personal growth. It has instilled a thoughtful approach in me,
encouraging me to pause and reconsider before making assumptions or nurturing relationships.
Additionally, it has provided me with a clear perspective on my leadership brand and how to
authentically align it with well-defined objectives. During our sessions, Maria skilfully guided my
thoughts in a cohesive direction, aiding me in reaching solutions and fostering objective-driven
decision-making. She embodies traits of attentiveness, structure, and punctuality, consistently
arriving well-prepared for our sessions. Her ability to seamlessly integrate coaching insights into
management discussions was commendable. After each session, Maria left me with tangible
objectives, prompting me to reflect on my learnings and areas of focus. She excelled in elucidating
my strengths and principles, going a step further to illustrate how best to showcase these strengths
and make them evident to the relevant stakeholders.


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