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Growth Mindset in an Organizational Culture – A Transformative Force That Can Reshape Organizations

Damian Navas, Managing Partner of ecap UK, finds the Mindset Advantage assessment tools invaluable in the executive search and selection process, not only for individuals but also for organizational culture. He shares his thoughts on the practical application of these tools when managing a recruitment process.

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About ecap:
Founded in 2019, the ecap growth story has been a unique journey over the course of the last
four years. Following acquisition in 2021 from Monstarlab Group (a digital transformation partner
listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange), ecap continues to build borderless, technology enabled
human capital solutions, driving synchronicity of the talent agenda with the wider organisational

The team at ecap is accredited in Leadership Profiling and Performance Management
assessment and works with progressive organisations to build and develop world-class
leadership teams through a portfolio of services, including; executive search, leadership
assessment, board advisory and human capital consulting.

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