Private Equity, Professional & Financial Services

At ecap, we excel in executive recruitment for Private Equity, Professional Services, and Financial Services within the UAE. Our comprehensive industry knowledge enables us to identify and place top-tier C-suite executives who drive growth, operational excellence, and value creation. Each placement enhances our clients’ success, reflecting our commitment to excellence in these dynamic markets.

We have a proven track record of partnering with private equity firms to identify and place top-tier executives who drive growth, maximise value, and achieve remarkable outcomes. Our experience in the private equity sector has built our strong reputation for excellence in executive search. Here are key areas of our expertise:

  • C-suite and Leadership Roles: Placing CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other C-suite executives, as well as NED/Chair roles, to drive strategic vision and operational excellence.
  • Portfolio Company Transformations: Supporting private equity firms during turnaround situations, growth-focused expansions, and strategic repositioning by identifying leaders with the necessary vision and skills.
  • Sector Expertise: Placing executives in various industries within private equity, including technology, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, and more.
  • Global Reach: Leveraging our global network to source exceptional talent from diverse regions and cultural backgrounds.
  • Alignment with Strategies: Aligning our search efforts with the specific investment objectives and growth plans of our clients.

Our expertise in professional services enables us to identify and place executives who lead firms to new heights of performance and client satisfaction. Our placements span:

  • Management Consultancies: Placing leaders who drive consultancy growth and client impact through strategic vision and operational excellence.
  • Technology Consultancies: Recruiting executives adept at leveraging technology to provide innovative solutions and drive digital transformation.
  • Accountancy Practices: Focusing on leaders with financial accuracy, regulatory compliance, and strategic financial planning.
  • Legal Firms: Identifying top-tier legal executives with expertise in corporate law, compliance, and client advocacy.
  • Corporate Finance and Transactional Services: Placing executives who excel in M&A, capital raising, financial restructuring, and due diligence, driving strategic financial outcomes.
  • Other Professional Services: Including human resources, marketing, and business advisory services, placing leaders who drive growth and innovation.

Our extensive experience in financial services allows us to identify and place top-tier executives who drive innovation, regulatory compliance, and profitability. We cover various sub-sectors:

  • Family Offices: Placing executives who manage and grow family wealth with discretion and foresight, ensuring robust leadership and tailored strategies.
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds: Identifying leaders who excel in strategic asset allocation, risk management, and international investments, driving long-term value.
  • Private Credit: Specialising in placing executives within private credit firms adept at managing credit portfolios, underwriting, and structuring deals.
  • Venture Capital: Placing visionary leaders who navigate the fast-paced environment of startups and high-growth companies, driving innovation and strategic investments.
  • Investment Banking: Placing executives who excel in advisory roles, capital raising, sales, M&A, and market analysis, enhancing deal execution and client satisfaction.

Our focus extends beyond transactional placements to build long-term partnerships with our clients, supporting their mission to create value and achieve sustainable growth. We take pride in the success stories of the executives we have placed as they contribute significantly to the growth and profitability of our clients.

Our track record in executive search is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional talent solutions tailored specifically for the demands of the private equity, professional, and financial services markets. We leverage our industry expertise, global network, and rigorous search process to identify executives who possess the right blend of leadership skills, industry experience, and cultural fit for each unique situation.

By partnering with us, firms gain access to a trusted advisor who understands their specific needs, navigates the complexities of talent acquisition, and consistently delivers exceptional results. Our track record showcases our ability to shape the leadership landscape within these sectors and drive long-term success for our clients.

  • Managing Director

    • Private equity, $4.5 billion AUM, regional firm UAE
    • Global executive search
    • 2019
  • Partner

    • Private equity, $8 billion AUM, regional PE firm
    • Global executive search
    • 2022
  • CEO

    • Healthtech, private equity
    • $250 million AUM
    • UAE search
    • 2023
  • Head of IR

    • Private equity, $2.5 billion AUM, regional firm UAE
    • In region search
    • 2020
  • CEO-Portfolio

    • Digital payments platform
    • Private equity
    • GCC search
    • 2021
  • CTO

    • Digital assets trading platform, private equity
    • $6 billion AUM
    • Global executive search
    • 2024
  • Head of Fundraising

    • Private equity, $5 billion AUM
    • GCC search
    • 2023
  • CFO

    • Healthcare, private equity
    • $71 billion AUM
    • UAE search
    • 2023
  • CFO

    • Sports nutrition-omnichannel
    • Private equity
    • UAE search
    • 2024

Private Equity, Professional & Financial Services Consultants

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Managing Partner

Samir Solanki

Managing Partner

Damian Navas

Managing Partner

Daniel Murphy

Senior Managing Partner

Maria Georgaki

Managing Partner

Aslı Atakulu

Senior Client Partner


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