Real Estate & Asset Management

Our expertise lies in identifying and accessing top regional and overseas talent as well as in supporting and developing leaders inside an organization.

We in ecap’s Real Estate Practice are working with some of the most fast-paced, iconic companies and brands rivaling the world’s leading markets. We are privileged to be in the midst of huge potential, the value of real estate projects currently planned or under construction in the Middle East currently stands at an estimated $1.36 trillion (as quoted by CBRE in a recent study). 

Saudi Arabia accounts for 64.5 percent of this total or some $877 billion, followed by the UAE, which at $293 billion, accounts for 21.6 percent of the total. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar share 1.7 percent, 4.4 percent, 4.6 percent and 3.3 percent respectively. 

While this level of investment in real estate is a core part of a number of countries’ diversification strategies and will see performance levels remain strong despite changing global economic backdrops. Needless to state that given the disruptive times of both growth and change, businesses need support.

At ecap, we assist through the value chain across pioneering urban and real estate development, construction and engineering, property / asset management, Legal and regulatory entities – including government authorities, Banks, financial institutions, investors that are essential stakeholders in shaping the industry in region.

Whether in preparation for the next growth phase, or to moderate a slowdown, we support real estate players in identifying and attracting the right caliber that will pivot performance and pave the way to achieving organizational aspirations or achieve human capital and operational excellence.

We have supported our clients in maximizing value from their real estate portfolios through individuals that have specific expertise in enhancing asset efficiencies through our rigorous portfolio and asset management best practices.

In recent years, the market landscape has faced technology and emerging disruptions given the rise of AI, the metaverse and associated Technical Infrastructure and User experience challenges, we have helped businesses endeavoring to maintain momentum and engagement through the digital revolution by attracting talent that lead in respective niches as well as adapt rapidly to changing environments.

The ecap Real Estate Practice is composed of executives that truly understand the region and its aspirations. We help boards, CEOs, and talent management leaders both recruit and develop leaders who can create cultures of innovation and instill growth mindsets. We leverage the expertise and experience of our colleagues around in the UK and Asia to help you tap into a broad range of perspectives and talent pools and are excited about partnering with you in your next challenge.

Real Estate & Asset Management Consultants

Renee Tauro

Senior Client Partner

Christopher Abreu

Senior Managing Partner

Karolina Jedras

Senior Client Partner

Saurabh Das

Senior Client Partner

Maria Bravo



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