Our digital

experience partner

Monstarlab shape
technology that inspires
users and grows

Monstarlab offers a human approach to Consulting. 

With 27 offices worldwide, 1,400  strategists, designers and engineers build digital solutions to the most complex challenges of our current climate. 

Blending strategic thinking with stunning design and cutting-edge technology, Monstarlab will work with ecap to convert digital investments into moments of value for our clients.

This partnership will provide boutique attention at scale, driving company-wide change through customer-centered design, enabling us to help you stay ahead of the disruptors, unlock value from data, foster a digital culture and capability and enable a mobile workforce.

Monstarlab specialise in:

  • Data Analytics Strategy and Transformation 
  • Design and CX Product Management 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Agile Enterprise Delivery 
  • Mobile App Development 
  • Innovation
  • Chinese Localisation 
  • Digital Strategy and Transformation 
  • Technology Consultancy 
  • Infrastructure and Cloud
  • Experience Platforms 
  • Digital Factory 
  • Quality Assessment 
  • Web Development