ecap is proud to be part of Emirates Nature-WWF’s Sustainability Partnership Programme.  Our ongoing donations will support Emirates Nature in driving positive change in the UAE and the ongoing conservation of the nation’s natural heritage. Emirates Nature-WWF’s vision is to build a sustainable UAE in which our society, economy and environment thrive side by side, enabling people to live in harmony wi th nature.

ecap was founded in 2019 with the ambition to support people and organisations to be the best version of themselves. The name ecap derives from ‘Executive Capital’, our founders have witnessed the opportunity to establish a business that embraces the cultural values of the respective markets we will service whilst adopting modality, digital innovation and efficiency. ecap work with organisations to build and assess senior leadership teams and boards providing them with a competitive mindset advantage.

Daniel Murphy, Co-founder of ecap said:

‘’We are extremely supportive of the agenda at Emirates Nature-WWF and we were extremely impressed with their track record and achievements since inception. We at ecap believe that we are fortunate to call the UAE home and we wish to contribute and support preserving the natural heritage.’’