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Aviation organisations need agility and experience in their leaders

At ecap we have the privilege of working with some of the most well-known established and emerging brands within the aviation world.  Over the past two decades, the world has seen unprecedented growth in both its airlines and infrastructure that has not only disrupted the status quo but has also elevated the standards for passenger experience.

Our consultants possess extensive expertise and knowledge in the sector, offering both substantial breadth and depth of experience.  Moreover, they have an exceptional international network they can harness for the benefit of our clients.  This combination of technical proficiency coupled with an inherent understanding of the cultural dynamics and personalities allied to their local region, has proven invaluable to our clients.  It has significantly contributed to the success and long-term viability of our senior candidates, board members and advisors.

In recent years, the airline industry has witnessed significant growth, volatility and change, presenting unique challenges and uncertainty.  ecap consultants have developed a remarkable agility to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances.  In the face of unprecedented events like geopolitical shifts, global pandemics and economic downturns, our consultants comprehensive understanding of the factors impacting the industry’s volatility and are well-versed in the specific skills, personality and experience required for leadership positions in the airline world.


Staying abreast of industry trends, market dynamics and emerging challenges, our consultants possess an extensive network of contacts within the airline industry, including executives, industry leaders, experts and advisors.  In addition to our industry knowledge, we have a deep understanding of the cultural fit and nuances that exist both within the airline industry and locally.  We recognize the importance of aligning senior executives to the organizations values, vision and strategic goals whether for an established Full Service Airline or an emerging Low-Cost Carrier.

In the past two decades global passenger numbers have almost tripled.  From 1.65 billion in 2003 to near 4.5 billion in 2019 (dropping to 1.7 billion at the height of the pandemic).  This has led to a surge in demand for infrastructure upgrades and entire new airports, especially in the developing markets.   Moreover, airports have further evolved providing side businesses for retail, F&B, car parking, freezones and connecting transportation links.


Our consultants come with a strong expertise in the airport sector and possess a deep understanding of both global airport groups (like ADP, AENA and Fraport) as well as the privately-owned/operated entities.  Our knowledge of the diverse models, coupled with our global network of experts and executives allows us to provide valuable insights and guidance to our clients.  Having honed much of their experience in the Middle East, our consultants have seen several major new airports come online and bear witness to what it takes (in terms of personnel) to get these airports opened in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Since the resurgence of the aviation industry following the pandemic, there has been significant demand for aviation talent.  One particularly challenging sector is Technical (i.e. Engineering & Maintenance).  There is a worldwide shortage of technical professionals from mechanics and technicians to Engineers and Senior Management.

At ecap, our consultants possess extensive technical knowledge within the various sub-sectors, including airframe, avionics, component repair, engines and more.  We have a deep understanding of the market dynamics and the strengths and shortcomings of global operators.

This knowledge allows us to effectively assist our clients in leveraging these insights to their advantage.

We acknowledge the substantial cost and criticality associated with aircraft maintenance.  Therefore, we recognize the importance of sourcing and attracting the right talent for our clients.  By understanding the specific requirements of each role and the unique challenges faced by the industry, we strive to connect our clients with the skilled professionals they need to ensure efficient and effective maintenance operations.

The Aviation Ground Services sector plays a crucial role in supporting airlines’ operations, encompassing services such as baggage handling, aircraft cleaning, ground transportation, and passenger assistance. This sector demands skilled professionals who can effectively lead manage and complex logistics, ensure operational efficiency and deliver exceptional customer services.

With our expertise, industry insights, and extensive network, we assist our clients in identifying and attracting executive talent who possess the necessary operational expertise, leadership capabilities, and customer-centric mindset. Whether it is recruiting executives to drive process improvement, enhance operational performance, or lead strategic initiatives, we leverage our knowledge of the Aviation Ground Services sector to connect our clients with the right candidates for long-term success.

The surging demand for safe and secure commercial aviation has not only impacted the Aviation Ground Services sector but has also necessitated the modernization and upgrading of supporting organizations and institutions such as Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). At ecap, our consultants have firsthand experience in addressing the unique challenges associated with headhunting professionals for these critical roles, often utilizing a hybrid interim-permanent model.


The roles within Civil Aviation Authorities and ANSPs can be highly technical and complex, requiring individuals with a deep understanding of aviation regulations, safety protocols, and air traffic management. Our consultants have extensive experience in identifying and attracting top talent for both leadership positions and expert roles within these organizations.


Furthermore, we recognize the nuances associated with hiring into public-sector run or owned organizations, such as the need for compliance with governmental policies, budgetary considerations, and stakeholder management. Our consultants understand the intricacies of these organizations and tailor their search and recruitment strategies accordingly.

With our expertise in the aviation sector and understanding of the challenges specific to Civil Aviation Authorities and ANSPs, we are well positioned and confident to support our clients in supporting the right professionals who can drive the modernization and enhancement of these critical institutions.

The demand for aircraft leasing has surged in the past decade as airlines seek more flexible fleet and finance options.   It is highly likely that the lessors will become more creative, already providing options and leasebacks for engines and components (not just the aircraft) that channels cash flow to the airlines to further enhance passenger experience. 


ecap consultants have both the financial services knowledge as well as the aviation experience to leverage for our clients benefit.  ecap consultants understand the complexities of aircraft leasing and financing, notwithstanding the intricate legal and financial frameworks involved.  We have experience in this sector, know the major players and how to identify and attract talent for leadership positions.

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