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ecap’s Hospitality Practice has largely encompassed the Middle East and more recently UK and Asia.

The Middle East (UAE for the last two decades and Saudi Arabia more recently) is on the perpetual climb to better tourist experiences to attract more revenue. For a region with commercially sustainable tourism in high regard attracts top brands, destinations and talent from around the world.

In times when the hospitality industry is devising newer ways for sustainability, it also has had to adapt to the first-of-its-kind travel protocols to maintain a competitive edge whilst offering unforgettable experiences. With that settling in, tastes and preferences evolving at breakneck speed, and consumer trends depicting tourism on top of their wish list; it’s time to be on top of current trends to ensure innovative concepts are imbibed to cater to the new rise in demand.

The UAE’s global stature as a tourism and hospitality powerhouse reclaimed its topliner position in 2023, with several factors contributing to optimism. Ranging from the relaxation of visa rules for inbound tourism to realigning structural changes to accommodate the post-pandemic requisites for safety; the region is bracing itself up as the demand for tourism across segments further unfolds over the rest of the year and in the coming decade.

We are seeing unprecedented hospitality developments in the region’s pipeline and this gives rise to a need for talented experts that can help entrench the region’s industry deeper in travelers subconscious and firmly place it on the map.

Our track record lies in identifying and accessing top regional and overseas talent as we help you navigate through accelerated growth.

We have helped clients combine tourism and technology expertise, helping the hospitality industry be more sustainable and competitive.

Our recent mandates have included accessing and bringing onboard leaders in digital transformation as well as in strategic resource and cost optimization.

The ecap Hospitality Practice is composed of executives that have delivered business critical searches and take pride in truly understanding our clients pain points and aspirations.

We help boards, CEOs, and talent management leaders recruit, assess as well as develop leaders who can create cultures of innovation and instill growth mindsets. 

We leverage the expertise and experience of our colleagues around in the UK and Asia to help you tap into a broad range of perspectives and talent pools and are excited about partnering with you to deliver your next key hire.

Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Consultants

Christopher Abreu

Senior Managing Partner

Renee Tauro

Senior Client Partner

Nick Harvey

Managing Partner

Maria Bravo



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